Support Policies for Dataweps Beed Partners

Technical Support (for Dataweps Beed Partners)

The following support levels are available:

Level 1 – End-customer self-service

End-customer (client) can access support materials available inside the product (contextual help, manual).

Level 2 – Partner-provided customer support

Partners are trained to implement, configure Beed, and help end-customers to choose the best appropriate bidding strategy according to their needs. Partners are equipped with support materials available inside the product (contextual help, manual)

Level 3 – Dataweps provides partners with assistance

Dataweps provides partners with troubleshooting assistance in the context of an existing end customer instance.

Partners can reach support via email at

Response time on weekdays is 12 hours (current average response time is 2 hours).

Response time on weekends is 24-48 hours.

Dataweps support for partners (Level 3) does not include changing the implementation or configuration of customer instances. Dataweps support for partners does not include assistance with or support for non-Dataweps products, services or technologies, including databases, computer networks, communication systems, computers, hard drives, networks or printers.

Additional support can be requested under Additional Paid Services (for Dataweps Beed Partners).

Dataweps reserves the right to modify, change and update this policy at any time, at its sole and exclusive discretion. Dataweps will provide notice of material changes according to the partnership contract.

Additional Paid Services (for Dataweps Beed Partners)

Dataweps provides additional paid services for partners. These include for example:

  • consulting partners on implementation (cross-check that the product is correctly configured)
  • changes in bidding strategy, rule reviews & product configuration (Dataweps Beed)
  • additional training on product, sales, and marketing outside of initial onboarding or regular training conducted by Dataweps
  • advanced training and any other consultations (including the end customer support)

Additional Paid Services for Partners are available at Dataweps discretion for partners only and for a fixed hourly fee as described in the partner contract pricelist. Each service is contracted under separate order.

Parking an existing instance

Partners can choose to park (Pause) instance for various reasons:

  • e-shop wants to bid only in select timeframe (i.e. seasonal offerings)
  • e-shop wants to pause investments into the bidding
  • and more…

With Dataweps Beed, Partners can park (Pause) an existing instance. This way, Dataweps Beed will keep instance configuration and history and can quickly be enabled again when i.e. season or budget allows.

Parking an instance is subject to a monthly fee, as described in the partner contract pricelist.