Online retail monitoring for brands and distributors

Find out how your brand compares to your competitors, who sells your products, in what quantities, and at what price. Get valuable data to negotiate with your resellers and evaluate your marketing activities.

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Why monitoring the online market is crucial


Get the whole picture – even the parts you’ve been missing

Trying to monitor the online market manually? You’re wasting precious time. Our products enable you to work more efficiently while providing reliable data. And without the long hours of routine work.


Keep close eye on your resellers

How much do they sell your products for? Who plays fair and who undercuts the prices? Who is running out of stock? We provide reference data to help you hold your sellers accountable and strengthen your business relationships.


Campaign evaluation

It’s hard to evaluate the impact of your campaigns without clear data on howthey affects sales of your resellers. We help you to figure out how beneficial your marketing efforts really are.


References to enter the market

Releasing a new product or expanding to a new market? Make data-informed decisions to avoid losing money. We help you to find out current market conditions, who your competitors are, what they sell, and how they are doing.

What online market monitoring does for you?

Number 1

Online sales

How are your brands and specific products doing? We’ll provide up-to-date overviews, as well as year-over-year comparisons.

Number 2

End prices

MSRPs are great, but the true final prices can differ big time. Find out what your products are really offered and sold for.

Number 3

Trends in your segment

Which products are up and coming ? Which categories are heating up? Is there an opportunity for a new product? Our data will help you decide.

Number 4

Competing brands

Which brands have been growing and are catching up with you? Our tools help you keep close tabs on your competitors.

A finger on the pulse of your market

Make decisions based on reliable data. Thanks to our products you’ll get reliable data without losing precious time in routine work.