Leverage price comparison
websites to the maximum

Why automate bidding on price comparison websites?

Automated bidding is much more efficient, as Beed monitors your positions and automatically changes the offer based on rules you set up. This frees up time that you would normally spend on routine manual work. Time that you can now spend creating new strategies to push your business forward.

What can Beed do?


Checks rankings up to 12 times a day

Positions on price comparison websites are checked up to 12 times a day to make sure you always have a current bid.


Enables hundreds of combinations of settings

Use over 500 filter variations to set up how rules for bidding are triggered. Position bidding, fixed bid or bidding based on historical results.


All the data in a single location

All the data from price comparison websites as well as Google Analytics, brought together in a single place for you to work with.


2 countries, 3 price comparison websites

Beed can bid on both Czech and Slovak versions of Heureka as well as on Zboží.cz.

Who trusts Beed

"It makes setting up costs more effective "

Beed let us set up costs per click more effectively than we were able to manually.

Soňa Fialková

Founder and co-owner SpokojenýPes.cz

"Transparent bidding "

Mainly, I’m glad to see that bidding with Beed is transparent and that we have so much control to adjust it to our needs.

Adam Šilhan

Marketing igloonet.cz

"A wide range of options "

What we appreciate about Beed is its wide range of options for setting up bidding rules as well as a detailed evaluation of their performance.

Ludmila Navrátilová

consultant RobertNemec.com

"Saving time spent on administration "

Thanks to Beed I’m able to stick to the expense-to-revenue ratio and increase the performance of clients’ campaigns at Heureka while saving time on administration.

Jakub Jamrich

consultant Effectix.com

How does Beed determine the right target position for you?


Connecting with the price comparison website

Beed collects the information about cost per product directly from the administration of these websites.


Downloading the data from Google Analytics

To ensure maximum accuracy, Beed calculates the performance of the products based on measurement from Google Analytics.


Checking competitor positions and prices

Beed automatically checks all the positions and prices up to 12 times a day and rebids each product accordingly.


Rebidding based on your rules

Using the rules you set up, Beed calculates the CPC for each product and adds it to the xml feed.

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    Certified partners who bid with Beed

    Sun Marketing

    Training on Becertified automated bidding

    We organize trainings on automatic bidding on price comparison websites in Czech language. Get them under control with us and become Becertified.


    Bid with Beed from 3,000 CZK

    The price of Beed depends on the number of bid products and price comparison websites you’d like to automate for. We’ll be happy to help you determine the ideal number of products to bid for your online shop.