Tools for getting
through the data maze

Creating data tools (not only) for online retail

We mine data and then our tools sift through it for the information your business needs; for its growth and increased efficiency.

Keep track of the prices of your goods in the online world. Automatic and effortless price monitoring.

Automate bidding on price comparison websites and get the most out of them.

Make your pricing more efficient with advanced automation tool.

Follow your competitors in detail. What popular goods do they sell and at what price? What’s missing from your offer?

Who we are and what we trust

We are a data company developing tools for online retail. We stick to the principle of double data mining-we mine data from the internet and then mine that data for actionable information our clients can use to make better business decisions or even fuel automated processes that we help them set up. We keep our products at a state-of-the-art level and we provide our clients with full support in using the data. Beyond that, we like to educate-ourselves, our clients, the market, and students in general.

What we’ve done and who trusts us

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