Get actionable intel to outperform your competition

How well do you know what the competition is doing, really? Our tools let you keep track of their every step. Just turn your computer on in the morning and see for yourselves.

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Why you should automate competitor monitoring


Get real, undistorted data

Trying to keep tabs on your competitors manually eats up a lot of time and doesn’t even give you the full picture! Our automated tool tracks their activity for you, giving you more time to strategize how to use it.


You are not alone

Our reports are no jumbled data! You get intuitive overviews and recommended steps to take in order to beat your competitors.


Track your competitors’ every move

You know which categories are on the rise, which competitor has made a special offer, and how much they are selling for. No matter what the competition does, you’ll know!


A finger on the pulse of your market

You can react to growing trends in time and avoid investing into products that have begun to decline. While your competitors just take random steps, you can keep your head and decide what will really pay off.

What does monitoring with Dataweps tell you?

Number 1

Your competitors’ prices

How much do your competitors sell for and how do you compare? Who undercuts and who may be getting better purchase prices than you?

Number 2

What products sell well

Predict upcoming trends, stock up, and adjust your prices. Let clear data show you what makes sense to add to your portfolio.

Number 3

Who is doing well

Your biggest competitor is catching up with you! Is it because of their new ad campaign or are they pricing more aggressively?

Number 4

Availability in stock

Keep perfect track of your competitors’ warehouses. Get a clear look at how many products they have and what they’ll run out of soon.

Keep up with your competitors!

Learn about all their steps and react in time. We provide reliable data to help you make important decisions.