Data is what we enjoy

Who we are

We’re crazy about data and are always thinking about new ways to use it to help our clients. Our principles are simple:



Both for ourselves and our clients.



We keep our promises.



We love our work and care about our clients.



We can find solutions to a lot of modern problems.

Double data mining

We mine data from the internet, but that’s just the start. Instead of just dumping tons of raw data on our clients, we mine that data to uncover the hidden information that is most valuables to them. From there, we can either deliver actionable advice on how our clients can improve their business or we can use this information to fuel their automated processes. In both cases it’s our aim to increase the efficiency of our clients and their profitability.

Join us

We’re constantly growing, improving our tools, gaining more clients, and expanding to new markets, and to do that right we need reinforcements. New positions on our team open up quite often and you can find them at StartupJobs. If none of the open positions fit you but you’d still like to join us, contact us and we can talk about it.

We like to learn as well as teach

We like to keep educating ourselves. We read and attend conferences and we even co-organize some of them. You can meet us at conferences on development, data, marketing, and e-commerce.

Also, we like to pass our experience on to others. At the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University in Brno, we teach development in the Ruby programming language. At the Division of Information and Library Studies, as part of the Information and Data Management program, we teach Tools and Methods of Data Analytics together with Database Systems. And we are lecturers and mentors in projects by Czechitas.