Track product prices
across the whole internet

Why monitor the prices of products on the internet?

Your success on the internet depends not only on you but also on what happens around you. How much do the same products cost in various online shops and are they in stock? Could a drop in sales be the result of your competitors reducing their prices? Don’t lose time searching through online shops manually. Manage your pricing more effectively and find a way to the correct price using an automated tool.

Why is Azor the best guide through the pricing maze?


High-quality pairing

Azor looks for and pairs data based on all the information available. It can even monitor products that are difficult to pair (perfumes, toys, games, sports products, etc.). We can deliver the hard-to-find information you need to make more reliable decisions.

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Simple to deploy

No need to touch your product feeds. Just enter the products you want to monitor into the application and we’ll take care of the rest. No installation, no extra work slowing down your servers; and nobody will ever know that you’re monitoring them.


Proactive data cleaning

We check and clean pricing data regularly. Azor is always learning new shortcuts and paths to recognize and pair products, and thus keeps improving the quality of the information you rely on to make your decisions.


Tons of information

Azor is constantly searching the commercial maze of the internet and gathering new data about the products that are available there. Not even Amazon’s huge marketing team can keep up with this much data manually. Bottom line: if you're not automating this process, your business is suffering.

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Who monitors prices with Azor?

Azor – Petr Bena (

"We have the best overview of prices thanks to Azor. "

Azor monitors a great amount of products for us. Thanks to its data a great overview of our markets. We work with these data every day and this is the reason why we are able to respond to the new trends.

Petr Bena

Sales & Purchasing Director

How to gain the data you need

  1. In Azor, just enter the products and online shops to monitor.
  2. Azor will immediately start collecting information for you.
  3. You can easily download the results in csv, txt, or xml formats.
  4. You can further develop that data in Excel or in your own information system.

Would you like to monitor prices with Azor?