Advanced automation
for more efficient pricing

Do you get lost in the maze of prices of all your products too?

Any serious online shop is interested in making their pricing and repricing processes more efficient. On their way to better margins and bigger sales, however, they get slowed down by a lack of time and sources they could dedicate to pricing strategies – doing everything manually just isn’t possible. The solution? Automatic dynamic pricing.

Automatic pricing for the right pricing strategy


More effective pricing strategies

A data-driven approach means you’ll no longer have to set product prices based solely on rough estimates. It enables you to improve your position on the market and make the most of its fluctuations.


Bigger sales and margins

With Disivo, you set the price of each product based on the actual situation on the market, letting you safely increase your margins and sales without losing customers.


Huge flexibility

Disivo offers a lot of various strategies to choose from. On top of that, product managers can adjust the rules for price changes on their own. No more waiting for the IT department to get to it!


Professional support

Lots of experience working extensive marketing data has given us a good sense of what the market is doing, and we’ll be happy to help you set up your pricing strategy to take advantage of it.

Do you want to know more? Download our product sheet.

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How does Disivo improve your pricing?

Number 1

We pair inputs from 3 sources

We work with your product feed, data from Google Analytics, and data concerning your competitors’ prices (via our tool Azor, for example). This gives us the widest sample of prices and the most reliable pairings.

Number 2

You set up the rules

First you determine which set of products you want to automate pricing for. Then you set up the rules, such as the minimum margin, level of aggression of the price compared to competitors, and more.

Number 3

We reprice your goods based on the data

The output with the new prices will be submitted in two formats – CSV and an XML feed. You can simply download the CSV and upload it into your system, while the XML feed can be downloaded directly by your system. From there it’s entirely up to you if you want to confirm the suggested changes or have them changed automatically.

Improve your pricing with Disivo