Your map
in the maze of competition

Why monitor the routes your competitors take?

Your competition never sleeps and is paying close attention to current trends and you. What products are customers interested in that you don’t have? What’s your position in individual categories based on a price comparison? How to develop your business without wasting precious energy and resources? TrendLucid gives you actionable advice, so you know what to do to keep pace with your competitors and even get ahead of them.

How to get ahead of your competitors?


Actionable advice

The reports contain not only loads of data but also advice as to what you should do to improve your offer.


Check results quickly

You can very quickly see how your actions affected your position compared with your competitors on the market.


Tactical overview of the market

In TrendLucid you can monitor your position compared with your competitors both on the entire market and in individual categories.

Check 2

Immediately ready for use

TrendLucid is ready to be used and there’s no need to pair any feeds. We’ve been monitoring your competitors for a long time.

How does TrendLucid work?

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How does the report get to you?


Export to e-mail

Your product managers will regularly receive reports in Excel and they’ll be able to work with them offline.


Web app

Simply log in to our web application and find all the information in our dashboards.



Connect TrendLucid with your internal systems and do your evaluations the way you you’re used to.

Start monitoring your competitors!