has been bought by Monitora,
check their website!

SocialWatch is no longer available at our company.

Dear clients,

we decided to focus only on e-commerce segment and we do not provide any monitoring of social networks anymore.

Our solution has been bought by company Monitora Media. They can also help you with real-time media and social sites monitoring.

Please check their official website www.monitoramedia.com



Who gives us likes?

SocialWatch – Adam Zbiejczuk

"SocialWatch doesn’t forget about the main purpose of similar tools: actively working with what you’ve found. "

For almost ten years I’ve been stressing the importance of monitoring social networks. I’ve tried a number of solutions, both local and international, and I still consider SocialWatch the best among them, and not only because I assisted at its birth. It reliably finds mentions and also gives you a quick and efficient way to work with them.

Adam Zbiejczuk

Social Media Specialista Influencer.cz

SocialWatch – Martin Kubelka

"For Czech social media and online discussions, SocialWatch is the most reliable tool for social listening. "

The data collection provided by Dataweps has been the most reliable for Czech social networks and local information sources for a very long time.

Martin Kubelka

Digital Acquisition Coordinator Nespresso

We’ve even monitored an election as well

For Transparency International, we monitored mentions of political parties during the campaign for the parliament election in 2017. You can find the methodology here: TransparentiVolby.cz.