Make sure your prices keep up with your market, automatically

Still changing your prices at random and by hand? You’re losing time and money there! Let an automatic tool do the pricing for you – save time, increase profit, and eliminate human error.

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Why you should automate your pricing


Get rid of routine work and free up your team

The average purchasing officer is in charge of around 8,000 products and spends almost half of their working hours gathering and analyzing data. What a waste of time! Have a smart tool do this routine work for you.


Change your prices strategically

Dynamic pricing is based on clear rules and data, not on assumptions. You decide whether to compete with the price, keep a fixed margin, or do your pricing in some other way. And the tool takes care of the rest!


Increase your profit

Setting a price too low or entering an incorrect price by mistake can both have disastrous effect. Dynamic pricing protects you from these threats and you’ll earn more simply by adjusting your prices.

What to base your prices on

Number 1

Your competitors’ prices

Monitor the prices of a product on other sites with Azor and let Disivo use that data to automatically adjust your prices, up to several times a day.

Number 2

Availability in stock

Your competitors are running out of stock and you may be the only one still offering a product? Dynamic pricing ensures you take advantage of the situation!

Number 3


Need to maintain a fixed minimum margin on a product? Set it up and the tool will take care of the rest.

Number 4


Are people interested in some products more than before? Their prices may be likely to grow then! Don’t be the ones who’ll lose money because of it.

Don’t lose profits due to incorrect pricing

Switch to dynamic pricing and see your profits rise! Let us help you.